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While working for the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) I developed the concept of the Panotriptych and created nine special images for the United Nation's 70th Anniversary in 2015. The nine Panotriptychs below feature Afghan professionals from various walks of life, who are actively working to improve their country and are considered role models within Afghanistan.

Special credit goes to Fardin Waezi and Najib Haidari with whom I worked closely to create these images.

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Panotriptych Francis Assadi

DE-MINING - Mohammad Sediq Rashid heads the Mine Action Center of Afghanistan after more than two decades of de-mining his country. Afghanistan, 2015

Panotriptych Francis Assadi

MIDWIFERY - Feroza Mushtari, a trained and seasoned midwife, teaches other aspiring midwives and educates mothers on pre and postnatal care. Kabul, Afghanistan. 2015

Panotriptych Francis Assadi

CULTURAL HERITAGE - Engineer Habib Noori heads the reconstruction and preservation of the Shahzadah mausoleum in Herat, Afghanistan. 2015

Cultural Heritage
Panotriptych Francis Assadi

RETURNEES - Mohammad Dad founded a youth organization and works with village elders to bring modernization to his and other villages. Paghman, Afghanistan. 2015

Panotriptych Francis Assadi

Women's Rights - Maghferat Samimi is a lawyer who spends most of her time working as a mediator to fight for women and their rights. Sheberghan, Afghanistan. 2015

Women Rights
Panotriptych Francis Assadi

REHAB CENTER - Nasrullah is a recovered drug addict who is a role model and mentor for other recoveries, helping them cope by teaching a new trade. Kabul, Afghanistan. 2015

Drug Rehabilitation
Panotriptych Francis Assadi

POLIO VACCINATION - Rahima Ahmadi is a polio vaccination coordinator, training volunteers and educating the public about  polio vaccination. Mazar-e Sharif, Afghanistan. 2015

Polio Vaccination
Panotriptych Francis Assadi

AGRICULTURE - Malek Nabi runs a seed cleaning and improvement factory, helping farmers produce better quality and higher yield crops. Jalalabad, Afghanistan. 2015

Panotriptych Francis Assadi

WOMEN RANGERS - Four women rangers patrol Band-e Amir National Park in Bamyan, helping protect the environment and educate visitors. Band-e Amir, Afghanistan. 2015

Women Rangers
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