unbridled freedom
kabul 2003

3000x2000 canvasOriginal-vs3.jpg

UNBRIDLED FREEDOM - KABUL 2003 is an historical and emotional record of freedom and happiness that the Afghan people enjoyed for a brief period in the year 2003. 

The 102 images speak for themselves, particularly when one understands that practically everything joyful in life, that we take for granted, the Afghans were forbidden to do by the Taliban, punishable by severe public beatings or death. These images symbolize the incredible energy and happiness I encountered in Kabul back in 2003.

The aim of this image is to help two Afghan families escape Taliban persecution, regain freedom and survive in another country.

It will be auctioned as a non fungible token (NFT) to raise the funds to financially support the families.

Below each image can be viewed in greater detail.