As the founder of Francis Assadi Design Studio, Francis Assadi specializes in pieces of furniture that blend a contemporary aesthetic with elements of far-flung cultures.

Francis grew up in an Austrian-Iranian household and, prior to establishing his design company in 2016, he was a TV producer for the United Nations, a job that took him all around the world. He has lived and worked in several countries including Afghanistan, Burundi, Rwanda, Lebanon, and South Africa.  


However, his foray into furniture design predates the launch of his design studio. In fact, Francis designed his first-ever piece of furniture while living in Lebanon, in the late 2000s. He lived in an apartment above the workshop of a local boat builder, and became entranced by the way the artisan transformed planks of iroko wood into local fishing boats. Inspired by that, he designed his first piece, a drafting table, that he commissioned to be built by the local cabinet maker. Over the years, he would add a coffee table, a bar, and bookshelves to his designs intended for personal use.   


Francis loves complexity, and all of his designs eschew the cliché of minimalism at all costs. Furthermore, all his creations are individual designs, because he seeks to explore something new and previously untapped in each of his new pieces. So far, Francis took cues from Afghan prayer tables, Platonic solids, Greek mythology, motorcycles, triangles, and African artistry.

An advocate for quality and sustainability, Francis favors both high-end materials and hi-tech sustainable options, such as Avonite, Kebony wood, and Valchromat. He works with some of the most reputable artisans in Brooklyn or directly from his own studio to bring his designs to life.

Francis Assadi Designer