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The Panotriptych is inspired by the expansive field of view of a panorama and defined by the triple-image structure of a triptych. Using filmmaking, photography and storytelling techniques, it captures and portrays the essence of the subject in a three-act story. Panotriptychs are designed to be large scale prints of approximately 4 x 1 m (12’ x 3’) in size, and are meant as a vehicle of exploration, conversation and inspiration. 



While working for the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) I developed the concept of the Panotriptych and created nine special images for the United Nation's 70th Anniversary in 2015. The nine Panotriptychs below feature Afghan professionals from various walks of life who are actively working to improve their country and are considered role models within Afghanistan. 




The Extraordinary Conservationists Panotriptychs feature incredible individuals and their teams fighting for the protection and survival of endangered species.

​The Panotriptych images were created in close coordination with five Extraordinary Conservationists in July 2017 in Zimbabwe, Namibia and South Africa.




The Panotriptych concept offers countless possibilities for a creative and unique approach to promoting and advertising one's business, products, ideas, philosophy, etc.

The power of the Panotriptych lies in its ability to capture the "essence" of the subject in a 3-act storyline that unfolds seamlessly over an expansive panorama image. It can tell as much or as little as one wants; be based strictly on fact and reality or pursue the path of imagination and invention. Whichever approach is chosen, the Panotriptych will always be a creative and one-of-a-kind depiction of whatever it is that you want to communicate.