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The Panotriptych concept offers countless possibilities for a creative and unique approach to promoting and advertising one's business, products, ideas, philosophy, etc. The power of the Panotriptych lies in its ability to capture the "essence" of the subject in a 3-act storyline that unfolds seamlessly over an expansive panorama image. It can tell as much or as little as one wants; be based strictly on fact and reality or pursue the path of imagination and invention. Whichever approach is chosen, the Panotriptych™ will always be a creative and one-of-a-kind depiction of whatever it is that you want to communicate.

Niche Modern

NICHE MODERN, Handmade Lamps, Beacon, NY

Niche came into being somewhat by accident in 2003, when our Creative Director, Jeremy Pyles, was unable to find the proper modern lighting for his homewares store in New York City’s East Village. Pyles teamed up with a glass- blower to create three pendants to light the front of the Niche store. The lights were not for sale, but the fixtures that hung in the storefront's window made a grand statement — so much so that they soon became our best selling item. From this, a new business was born. The Stamen modern pendant light is truly the signature pendant of the Niche line and became the impetus for all of the other pendant designs which followed. Within two years of the Stamen’s release, Pyles designed seven other modern lighting glass shapes to join our collection.

SHAUNA HARRISON, PhD - San Francisco

Shauna is a self-proclaimed nerd, hip-hop head, jock, and yogi. A graduate of Stanford, UCLA and Johns Hopkins, she simultaneously pursued academics and fitness and ultimately secured her first major sponsorship (Under Armour®) shortly after finishing her PhD in Public Health. Shauna teaches classes across the Bay Area that fuse her varied background and love for hip hop. She currently partners with TRX®, SKLZ®, Sweat Cosmetics, Zico®, Bio-K, Cappellos, and is Lifestyle Athlete and Creative Director for Zenrez. She is a contributing writer for MindBodyGreen and Yoga Digest and runs the #SweatADay challenge on Instagram.

Shauna Harrison, PhD
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