Nkondi means “hunter” and  is an idol made by the Kongo people in the Congo region that contains a spirit meant to hunt down and punish wrongdoers.

The Nkondi Chair, which consists of a no. 16 Thonet chair and hundreds of single-use plastic straws, embodies both the spirit and the act of wrongdoing: in the US, 500 million plastic straws are used and thrown away every single day, and with its artful combinations of colorful plastic straws on the legs, backrest and seat, the Nkondi chair brings attention to the massive plastic pollution on our planet. It also references the artwork created with recycled materials in many countries throughout Africa.


Nkondi is part of the the Metamorphosis Series, where Francis Assadi takes the Thonet No.16 chair and transforms it into a new and vibrant work of art and design.

All of the chairs of the Metamorphosis series are one-of-a-kind/collector's pieces

| Handcrafted in NY |